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August 31, 2012
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Commander Shepard Control by Gigi-FenixPhoenix Commander Shepard Control by Gigi-FenixPhoenix
Fifth installment in the Commander Shepard series. This is control. I feel that the quote used sums up the ominous tone of Shepard's speech. Shepard has become something akin to a Omnipotent Goddess.

I feel that this ending, however, would become a vicious circle. Stripped of emotions and the chaos of humanity (organics) she might end up picking up where the catalyst left and send the reapers out to harvest one more time. Or worse, she might end up coming up with a worst solution (destruction of the species that wish for too much power, perhaps?).

Then again, things might end up well with Shepard as the Universe' guardian, but I think that eventually the utopia she wishes for will crumble on the wake of organics' ambition.

*After talking with some of you through the comments on the other artworks, I realized that I had forgotten to include an interpretation for the option of "refusal" (where you decide to shoot the catalyst), so I'll also be doing that one.

Shepard Series

gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c… Commander Shepard -- Doubt Commander Shepard -- Resolution
gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c… Commander Shepard --Synthesis
gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c… Commander Shepard --Destroy
Commander Shepard --Control
Commander Shepard --Peace Commander Shepard --Regrets
gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c… Commander Shepard -- Refusal

gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c… Wallpaper

The Shepard Files
*the first link would be the fanfic, the second the image that goes with it

[ONE] Colonist gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c…
[TWO] Colonist/Sole Survivor gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c… gigi-fenixphoenix.deviantart.c…

[THREE] Spacer
[FOUR] Spacer/Ruthless

[FIVE] Earthborn
[SIX] Earthborn/War Hero
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your great artwork along with the quotes you choose give the image depth. Its very haunting, yet beautiful. Great job.

As for the endings, i feel like no matter what you choose there's some sort of drawback. Making it, in essence, a choiceless choice. No matter what Shepard chooses there will be consequences. Sadly.
Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked them. And I agree, all the choices are shades of gray. Right until the very end, Shepard was never given a break :s. But this is what made the character so special. The fact that, despite it all, she/he kept moving forward into the unknown.
See, I always saw the "control" ending as a way to destroy the reapers without destroying the geth or EDI. Gain control, find a way to fix the relays, then direct all the reapers to the nearest black hole or star (in an uninhabited system). But I guess that's just me.

Anyway, lovely image.
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! :hug:
I think that you suggestion that control!Shepherd may apply his/her morality to the Reapers' mission is all too probable. Let the species that reaches for power with no care for those in its way beware... for the harvest may yet begin again.
Indeed, I think it is inevitable that Control Shep would eventually follow the logical route of the starchild reapers.
Knight-Watcher Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It seems each ending would lead to an unfathomable future for who wants to live forever or who wants to find their lives cut short by design?
I thought that all endings had something positive to them. Control leaves a shadow of doubt, especially if you're Renegade. It just might come crashing down spectacularly, but if it doesn't, then the galaxy will be protected by the might of the Reapers forever. And I think that, since Shepard was so singular, she's the only one capable of controlling the Reapers without becoming corrupted. I still prefer Synthesis, though. I wasn't willing to sacrifice the synthetics that had already suffered so much, or the friends I'd made, or the people who were learning to overcome their differences to stand up for each other in the face of extinction. And Synthesis (to me at least) represented the possibility of transcending the limits of organic and synthetic life to create a better galaxy for everyone, one that would never again need to suffer from a war in such scale. My Shepard found peace in that and could finally rest.
Thank you! I drew the synthesis version thinking pretty much along the same lines you did. Where Shep wasn't willing to sacrifice anymore than she already had. Yet, someone rose a point in the comments that I hadn't consider then. She said that she wouldn't want to chose synthesis just because it made her wonder if the Husks would remember who they were. If that was so, then their existence would be nothing short of nightmarish. Which is true. Even if they don't remember who they were, but become capable of thought, then they might just suffer.
Hm, that's a good point, but for one, I don't think she considered all the details, and for the other, maybe the "transcendence" I imagined helped the husks overcome the suffering of their condition. Or maybe they were 100% Reapers after all, so they'd only lose their thirst for destruction. If they did turn back into their former species, well... sucks to be a Brute, or a Praetorian, or a Cannibal, or a Scion.
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